Sore Throat Update


I cannot believe that I haven’t posted anything in several months. My sore throat led to a skin rash, then to a skin biopsy, and eventually I had a late case of the flu. What a pain this has all been! The skin rash was an allergic version of eczema, not a huge surprise since my dad has a horrible time with his, but mine was very different looking and it was treated. (Thank God!) As for the other issues, I am currently going through a large number of tests to discover the cause of the horrible pain and swelling in my feet and hands. It isn’t connected to my hereditary angioedema or my hereditary primary hypertension. I dread to say this, but if diagnosed, the things on the list are just like many other problems. There is no cure and really no great treatment. As for me I have been depressed, full of anxiety, and unable to garden much. I will keep my chin up though. The purple lilac across the street is in bloom and the color is amazing.

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