New Year, Sore Throat


I wish that I could have been given a better New Year’s present. My throat is killing me and my lungs are filling up with phlegm. When you have an auto-immune disease, these little viruses can cause a lot of havoc. Everyone I know has already had this setback, but now it is my turn. As long as I can rest, I can get over it.
The seedlings in the basement continue to sprout. At least, again, I feel as though I am busy and growing because of them despite my immobility. My planting schedule is very much on track. Today I will work on putting more of my 12-weeks (before the first frost) batch into the fridge for cold stratification. Then I can prepare for my next batch scheduled for January 15th sowing.
We have another wind storm blowing here in the Willamette Valley. As I sit writing this I can see the limbs of one of my Doug firs being hurled hither and thither. I love those trees so much, but their needles can be messy. At least the street cleaner is here and their truck can clean up some of the debris.

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