Houseplants, Patio Plants, Tender Plants, and Tropicals


Living with them in SE Portland, Oregon USDA Zones 8b-9a

These are the plants that I’ve covered so far on my blog. With over 500 in my collection, more posts are on their way.

  1. Albuca bracteata or Ornithogalum longibrachteatum, Pregnant Onion
  2. Begonia ‘Angel Glow’ (rhizomatous begonia)
  3. Begonia ‘Flo Belle Mosley’ (possibly), (cane begonia)
  4. Begonia ‘Gene Daniels’ (shrub begonia)
  5. Pilea peperomioides, Chinese Money Plant

These are the plants that I’m working on for upcoming posts.

  1. Sinningia
  2. Petrocosmea
  3. Dracaena trifciata
  4. Chlorophytum