Happy Blogoversary to Amateur Bot-ann-ist!!!


15 years ago today the site Amateur Bot-ann-ist emerged. It’s been quite a journey. From being a home gardener and plant enthusiast who was unable to move much due to hereditary angioedema and physical injuries—to today. I’m now a professional horticulturist working nearly full-time with two jobs, speaking engagements, a few clients, and I somehow find the time to care for my own collection of plants.

The voice and the tone have not changed a lot around here. I’m still the same snarky young-at-heart woman, but I’ve come a long way and have learned so much.

Abutilon ‘Chance Encounter’, my chance seedling we selected out at Cistus Nursery. This sweetheart put on a few more blooms this week. Next year she’ll go into the ground.

Part of me had wanted to say something special, to talk about what I’ve learned year by year, but I’m too tired after having gone to Corvallis and back to give a presentation about houseplants.

It was such a great weekend.

Begonia valida with Pelargonium ‘Distinction’. This is still one of my personal favorite combinations.

So raise a glass to this effort today if you can, think a kind thought, and know that I’m going to keep using this site to write about gardening, plants, and chronic illness.

Yes, blogging is not as popular as it once was back in the day. Most folks I know who started out with me have stopped. It’s not easy to spend so much time creating posts, and in the end, life matters more.

I enjoy writing, and I do have ideas, but this effort uses up a lot of my time and energy. I’ll keep at it again in 2023. I’m on track to have posted weekly this year, and I hope to do so again in the months to come.

Call me crazy, but I just like spending time here in this space.

(Featured photo of me at the top is courtesy of Loree Bohl aka Danger Garden. Thanks friend.)

6 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary to Amateur Bot-ann-ist!!!

  1. Claudia

    It’s awesome that you can keep doing what you enjoy. I just read a couple articles yesterday on how social media is changing, and there is a trend toward email lists and blogs again. Maybe the pendulum will swing back!

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    • The traffic on my site has actually been pretty incredible this year. I think folks are craving more interesting content again and they want it to sound less like marketing or promotion. I hope that’s the case. Authenticity really can mean something.

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  2. 15 years is good work, in spite of blogging replaced by the blog-length plant / political posts on Insta or Meta. Though I probably started a garden etc. blog 17 years ago, I was only consistent with it 4-5 years, then a new blog upon moving a few more years – 7 years total? We’ll see on progress, once I’m able to start on my new home’s garden. A glass is raised to you!

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