Planning and Watching the Garden in June

Unknown Cistus from the neighborhood.
Finally started walking around the neighborhood again. I cannot say enough about how badly chronic back injuries need to be moved. It is amazing how intensely my back can hurt and yet a nice long walk can make it all go away.
Still waiting for the Dracunculus vulgaris to open.

Right now I’d love to show more of my garden but it’s a bit messy yet. Right after this post is posted I will go back out there to weed, trim, and plant away. Finally, I hope to list some more plants on CL too.

Fuchsia procumbens ‘Variegata’.

Still been busy indoors with “life responsibilities” so it is so great to go outside to see little blooms here and there.

Alpine strawberry, (Fragaria vesca.)

Often I stop to munch on things as I walk by since they truly are so tasty. For instance, I am such a lover of alpine strawberries.

The front porch flowerbed.

I think that it’s time for me to begin giving real tours of my actual garden. Next time we’ll be starting with this bed. I show it here a lot since it usually looks ok. I will rearrange it and post pictures after this weekend. Finally, I will be blogging again about playing with some plants.

First bloom of the year on my Begonia boliviensis.
I am really looking forward to talking more about the plants I’ve grown from seed too. This Begonia is a good example of that!

It’s been fun playing with my photos recently too. I do love photography. In addition to reading books about gardening and plants again, I’ve been thinking a lot about photography.

La vita รจ bella!

Moving Meditations


There has never been a time when I have ever called or considered myself a designer or an artist. I have too much respect for either tradition to muddy their waters with my ego, and I am horribly terrified to be considered any kind of dilettante, though I know I must be one. Sure, I like to make things, and I love to handle and learn new crafts, but what I do has much more to do with a desire to keep my eyes and thoughts sharp, while at the same time, connecting both with my fingertips. I feel very much the same way about growing my plants lovingly from seed, and to tending my garden, keeping my thoughts, and actions in line with what I see. This is purely a religious act for me, a form of moving meditation, and this is why I garden.