The Block Party & The Garden


This is not the most important of garden blogging posts, but I had to add these pictures since they involve our garden. I promised myself on that day I would not be giving garden tours, and I didn’t! Instead, we spent hours and hours directly across the street, and in the street, spending quality time with one another. It was a great party and we will certainly do it again next year!

So who knew that you could invite the fire station around the corner and they’d ride a truck on over for the kids? I had no idea, but a neighbor knew, and she invited them. We were not disappointed, especially when it parked in front of our house! (Red really does go with green doesn’t it?)

Also, later on in the evening, the two most daring cats crawled out to stake their claim to our feline friendly pad. This was quite shocking seeing as there were several large dogs off leash roaming around directly across from them. Out in front is my old lady, Macavity, and Meng, the neighbor cat with two homes, is in the back. They made me so proud.