Petunia ‘Night Sky’_6249L_1

Ball Hort; California Spring Trials; Night Sky; Petunia; purple & white; Selecta

2 thoughts on “Petunia ‘Night Sky’_6249L_1

  1. Ruth B

    I love this flower! And wish I knew its exact species name. I can’t find seeds for it anywhere online, nor the species name. Love you blog! Please let me know if you can help me! 🙂


    • Hi Ruth! Sorry for the delay. There is no species name for this one. It’s a hybrid petunia and I can’t remember how long it’s been on the market… maybe 8 years now? Seeds for it are likely to appear until the company that invested in it feels like they’ve earned enough from sales to return their investment. I grew this one a few years ago and it did not disappoint. It’s worth purchasing the plants when you can find them. I know they cost quite a bit but one really kept me entertained for a full summer. And thanks so much for reading my blog. I will post again soon.


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