NWFGS 2023: Growing and Propagating a Bevy of Begonias


Fingerless velvet gloves provided by Polonova.

Plants Included for Display:

Begonia circumlobata ‘MonShayne’

Begonia erectocarpa

Begonia ferox

Begonia heracleifolia ‘Nigrens’

Begonia masoniana

Begonia ‘Candy Stripe’

Begonia ‘Firefade’

Begonia ‘Little Brother Montgomery’

Begonia ‘Firefade’

Plants Included for Propagating

Begonia ‘Deco Checks’

Begonia ‘Red Fred’

Tuberous Begonia

Begonia cucullata (seed)

6 Types of Cuttings:

cone, leaf cuttings, stem tip, wedge cuttings, water cuttings, rhizome cuttings