A Few Takeaways from 2022 and Good Intentions for 2023


There were a lot of lessons learned in 2022—at least for me. One of my observations as the year closed was just how much everyone hated the year. While it had its rough spots, the year was one of the best in my life. I finally was prescribed a medication that’s changed my life for the better. I worried a bit that it would have me sinking into an emotional quagmire. If I’d been able to take this medication when I was 18, my life would have been radically different than it is now. I would not be in so much debt. I would likely not have had the same failed relationships. I would have an advanced degree (or two). Who knows, I may have somehow been able to have had a child. Maybe.

My takeaway from this experience was that I didn’t feel sad at all. I felt strong. I realized that with some distance and calm, I’m proud of myself. What I have lived through is something I could never go through again.

My takeaway from 2022 is that I reached the end of an experience that was incredibly lonely and painful. That part of my life is over.

While you may think this has little to do with horticulture and gardening, sure that’s true, but it has a lot to do with my writing and the work I do.

Other takeaways?

I love my Jeep and can’t wait to take Felix camping again.

And I have some of the most incredible friends I’ve ever had in my life right now. They all helped to made 2022 incredible in so many ways. The list is so long I can’t pick favorites, or mention special moments. All I can say is that when you have a network, a community, you feel safer, happier, loved, and held tight.

In 2022, thanks to so many, I often felt like the luckiest woman alive.

What I Foresee in 2023

The current plan is to show the depth and breadth of my knowledge more online. The world of horticulture is changing, and it’s an exciting place to be.

New voices are emerging, and what we’ve known as garden writing has started to lose a few of its outdated clichés. I plan to keep pushing along the edge in this regard, doing what I’ve been doing, pushing the boundaries.

Having had issues with gatekeepers last year, I’m not going to stop pushing forward. In addition to some backlash, I received a welling up of support from professional colleagues, so I’m even more comfortable right now when it comes to saying what I feel needs to be said.

Since I work and commute nearly 40 hours a week, this limits the amount of time I can spend on posts, so I’m going to attempt to use my time more efficiently and produce better posts. I have photos from the last few years that were never used and there are trips and visits I never wrote about, so I will revisit them too!

I’m still not sure about my upcoming trips. I’m unsure about Open Garden events too. I may take the year off from being available to the public here at home to focus on some necessary re-plantings and re-building the new seed shop Spiffy Seeds.

2022 had some big surprises, so who knows what 2023 will really be like… My heart and mind are pretty much open to anything right now.

So stay tuned and thank you for visiting my site!!!

Hemiboea subacaulis var. jiangxiensis in the greenhouse at Cistus Nursery. Stay tuned on this front. We should have a new website soon!!!!

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