Come See Me at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival (February 9-13, 2022) TICKET GIVEAWAY!!!

Having attended this event for many years as a blogger, it was quite an honor to be accepted as a presenter for the first time this year.

It has been awkward promoting this event during the current pandemic, but I’m satisfied with the entrance requirements, and am excited to be attending. (I found this information on their site.) “Health & Wellness Update: As of November 15, 2021, and until further notice, the State of Washington requires each attendee and participant (12 years and older) to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or proof of having received a negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours of the event, to attend the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, February 9-13, 2022. Current regulations also require all attendees to wear masks in indoor public settings. We are continuously monitoring the situation and any updates to the rules will be posted here. For detailed info, please visit: Proclamation 21-16.

I’m traveling there with my husband and we’re staying next door to the event so I can come back to our room frequently to eat my snacks and meals. I’m accustomed to taking my own food with me everywhere because of my allergies, so this process is easy for me. We also know the takeout food options nearby, and there are quite a few. So let the fun begin!

Huperzia I’ve known and loved. Only one of these has survived for me.

If you’re needing to get out for a change of scenery, this should be just the ticket! My talk is early on during the lineup, but if if fits your schedule, come see me! I will be on the DIY stage at 1pm on Wednesday the 9th.

Loree Bohl of Danger Garden fame will be presenting on Friday morning. (Her talk is Create a Garden you Love.) If you can’t make it to my presentation, maybe you’d like to see hers! I have 5 tickets to give away and will send them by mail to the first five folks to leave a comment below about their favorite epiphytic plant.

Thanks so much and see you back here next week where I’ll be talking a bit about how to grow ferns from spores.

9 thoughts on “Come See Me at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival (February 9-13, 2022) TICKET GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Heidi Roycroft

    Hello! I attended your NWFGS talk and enjoyed it! Can you tell me how to get my hands on spagnum moss that is alive and that i can grow? I think that is the kind of moss you mentioned growing for your plants.

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    • Thanks so much for coming to see me and I hope this will be a decent answer.

      You can purchase it online, but I would only do so from a knowledgeable vendor. One of the issues is that it is a genus of approximately 380 species and many folks may sell you the wrong product. It can be collected locally in the PNW in damp cool areas but you need to know what you are looking for and not get greedy. A little bit will grow quickly so you only need a handful. (Beware too of sporotrichosis and keep your hands clean or wear gloves.)

      Hope that helps a bit. The stuff is great so it’s worth the effort to find.


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