Weekly Posts Coming in 2020


Many working hours have passed since I regularly posted here on my blog. Folks sometimes ask about it, and while garden blogging has faded a bit, I’m not giving up. As a middle-aged woman who’s turned to horticulture later in life, in the years since I started this blog, I’ve become a professional horticulturist and I enjoy my career very much. It’s time for me to begin to regularly share some of the experiences that I’ve had with both the plants and people who mean a lot to me.

In the last year I’ve dealt with walking pneumonia, complications from walking pneumonia, entering into my third consecutive year of physical therapy for neuropathy, spinal, and hip issues from two falls, and the onset of additional autoimmune issues. I need to cut loose and have some fun online again. 🙂

My hope is to continue to inspire, entertain, and enlighten readers. No one in their right mind would be working in horticulture in my condition. It’s my passion though. It’s what I love—and folks are still willing to pay me to do what I do and to purchase what I grow. I entered into this world when I could barely move, let alone stand, and all I had was a new garden, a laptop, and some time to spare. It’s time to contribute more and give back. I think my employers also consider this “downtime” and they’d like me to do more of it.

So, expect weekly posts each Sunday in 2020!

And there will be houseplants… We know how much many of you love them too now. I know I sure do.


Begonia dichroa in my collection.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Posts Coming in 2020

  1. Gail Penney

    Ann, i an so excited to see you blogging again. You always inspire me and make me think I can accomplish “anything”, haha. Hope you will open your garden again, it is so beautiful to visit and enjoy its authenticity and love.

    Happy New Year!

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    • Hi Gail! Yes, I’m going to open the garden again. I have so much work to do in order to get the place in shape but it needs to be done. Thanks for commenting! I’m so grateful for such a strong response of support from folks.


  2. grwhryrpltd

    You are an inspiration, Ann. Thank you & I look forward to your Sunday posts! Maybe I’ll get back around to posting more often as well. Miracles can happen… 😉💗

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