Last January: Ringing in 2018


IMG_8655Last New Year’s Eve I was painting my living/dining rooms. I think it was that experience that led to me slowing down and not finishing the rest of the painting, but I must confess, I still have more to do.


My spinal pain and bad hip were really set off by the painting, but I used the experience to learn from it. I took all of the aches and cramps to my physical therapist and she taught me a great deal. In the last year I have continued to strengthen so many things.

Continued strengthening also helped prepare me for the gardening season. Hopefully I can continue the painting work though in the next few weeks, and if there’s a problem, I can go back in for PT. It will be very nice to have it wrapped up, and I am not concerned that I am entering year 3 now for PT. I am so grateful for my therapist. She’s a jewel.


Watching the kitchen come together last year was also a relief. That last year has been rough but at least I’ve been able to cook a lot of food. Being allergic to pepper, peppers, and a host of other odd things makes eating so challenging. The kitchen was a huge gift and I look forward to working in there more this year.

We still have to pay to have the trim wrapped up, but redoing a kitchen in an old home is not cheap. I am so glad it’s over though.


LuLu spent most of last year hiding in a closet. The crew all gets along great though and I am happy to have them around. That’s Felix (on the top stair), LuLu, and Oliver. LuLu is clearly the one who’s annoyed by the boys. She really hated all of the noise too.


On the 6th of January I hosted a little Epiphany/Kitchen Warming party. I love 3 King’s Day and have always found it sad that many folks don’t celebrate through the entire Christmas season. I’m no longer a practicing Catholic but I do still enjoy the Catholic calendar. Besides, what’s the big rush to be done with December and the holidays? I’m in no rush and just want to spend time with friends for as long as possible. IMG_8836At work it was business as usual with work in the greenhouses. Nigella was extra sweet last year and this pic of her is one of my favorites. She used to live in a greenhouse all winter but now she’s retired and stays at the house since Sean moved in there. It was perfect timing for her. She’s worked hard over the years.


In the garden last January not a lot happened. I was able to get my lollipop Garrya in and I purchased this amazing Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Bridget’. Sadly it’s not looking as nice as this now but I’m hoping it will come back soon.

So that’s the quick wrap-up for last January! We can move on to February next week. Woohoo!

6 thoughts on “Last January: Ringing in 2018

  1. Gail Penney


    So wonderful to see you blogging again, and the garden pics from last winter. Yes, the recap was great as it reminded “you” of how much you have accomplished. Have a wonderful Christmastime with your family and loved ones!


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