Swapping Plants, Feeding Friends, and the Gift of Seeds


Regular weekly posts didn’t work out exactly—but c’est la vie.

I’ve learned a lot about relaxing when it comes to “being in control” while working with a hospice client for several months. I’m honored to have travelled that journey with the client, and I’m proud of the teamwork we accomplished as caregivers with the hospice nursing staff, but I needed a break, and now I have it.

No more 12-hour shifts for now unless they’re in my own garden—and back to regular posts.


My hellstrip STILL hasn’t been cleaned up but it looks much better now. I really like what that randomly deposited shopping cart has done for the overall look of my street.

For a week or two I furiously amassed my annuals to get my baskets planted early, but I probably only made it 1/3 of the way through.


I hope to have a red, orange and yellow back patio this summer. Today it dawned on me that it might be fun to hang a catnip plant back there too—out of paw’s reach.

At least I sort of had a plan this year. I see all of this now as part of a learning curve. My back has not been making this easy. I am listening to my body more now and I’ve been telling my mind to shut off more and more.

Then there is that random gem of a plant you find from time to time.


Adiantum x mairisii.

This is a deciduous maidenhair fern that will be wonderful to plant out later. IMG_2291

As is regularly planned, there was a spring plant swap organized for garden bloggers in the area. I tried to have things ready, but I only could get so far.


It was my great pleasure to take my neighbor Mindy. She technically lives several blocks away, and technically she’s in a different neighborhood, but she’s my neighbor. She’s been blogging for a long time too over at Rindy Mae and can this woman garden, and cook, and do tons of other things. Our other friend refers to her as Martha and that’s a compliment. She’s a multi-talented creative woman.


Flowers that Mindy brought our hostess.

IMG_2295 The food at the swap was amazing and I can’t say enough about how much fun I had that day.

The company was as elucidating as ever and I enjoyed sitting back and relaxing. Every person is so unique and creative and has so much to offer in terms of their creativity. It could be overwhelming, but I see it as a wonderful community resource. Everyone is always willing to discuss gardening issues. You can’t find that just anywhere.


The many plant plugs…

I rushed home to continue pushing hard in the garden to get things planted before the solo trip to the coast, but I had several long shifts so not everything ended up looking too pretty.

My arms were thrown up the the Universe and I proclaimed, “Set me free of this garden!”

Hitting the road after not having been out of Portland since February was just what this woman needed.

I borrowed the FIAT, packed up for an impromptu fundraiser dinner with friends, and skipped out of town just before Barack Obama arrived for a visit.


A little piece of the Old World in the New World.

The trip lasted for several days and honestly I rested and cooked and spent some time with my dad before he returned home to Portland. I hadn’t been there since February so I spent a lot of time just staring out the window.


A floral hostess gift for me.

On Saturday night I hosted the dinner and you can read about that over at Tangly Cottage Garden Journal. It was great fun to spend time with another garden blogger from outside of Portland and to hear how work had been going. I also got to meet a new plant friend. IMG_2441And he gave me seeds, rare, very rare, and special seeds. This kind of stunned me but I’m not going to let these precious little miracles escape me. I will germinate them and I will grow them well.

It was nice to return home to Portland, but I could have stayed away for at least another week. This past week I have been exhausted and I slept for nearly 24 hours yesterday, but I am happy. Quincy the Cat is at my feet. The garden is growing. I can hear my fountain, and the world is good, very good.


Welcome to my riotous garden as seen from my front porch. I just love how you can barely see the wheel of the FIAT in the driveway.

9 thoughts on “Swapping Plants, Feeding Friends, and the Gift of Seeds

  1. Yay, so happy to see some photos from the swap day!
    Your annual choices are gonna light up the patio. I’m anxious to walk it all again. I need a reminder for the name of your ivys. I need at least one of them in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Baptisia arachnifera is a gorgeous plant. My favorite baptisia by far. I saw a mature one in North Carolina. I hope you get lots of babies, as NC doesn’t allow sale of plants outside the state due to their endangered status (politics pretending to be preservation).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am pretty good at this germination thing when I’m not up to my eyeballs in projects but I’m cleaning house and expect to be focusing just on seeds again in the fall. Do you want one if I succeed? Let me know! Would love to spread the love around and grow more of these in different places. (I felt so honored to receive those seeds.)


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