RIP Macavity the Cat (May 1997 – October 2014)



It has taken me 4 weeks to gather the courage to write about the loss of my cat Macavity and yet I’m still in tears on the couch as I write this tribute to her.

It wasn’t a sudden loss. She died here at home of old age though I’m sure some kind of organ failure was involved.

It’s what she would have wanted and I know that must sound strange, but she was a very unusual cat.

I have known many wonderful cats, but she was a cat’s cat. IMG_1597

Everywhere I went, she was there. She demanded a great deal of my attention. Unlike many other cats, she had no secret life. She lived to spend time with me.Photo on 2012-02-27 at 21.05

When I was doing whatever it is that I do, she’d be there.

I called her my shadow, my stalker. She sought me out and was always by my side but she was never cuddly. She was just always around.

She was not fond of other cats. She was the kind that preferred the company of people. If you got up from the dining room table at one of my dinner parties, she’d take your seat and look around as we all talked. It was not unusual for her to feel as though she fit in with all of us. If we all pointed and looked toward her ears sticking up above the table, she’d look annoyed.

I imagine is she could, she would have said: “What? Haven’t you ever seen a cat partake in after dinner conversation? Get over yourselves!”

She was a cat with a ton of attitude.

IMG_8410Her last day was spent partially outdoors in this old crate. I placed her in the sun that morning and Maurice slipped out quietly behind me. As I went back into the house to grab a book I turned around to check on her.

I saw this and my heart just fell to pieces as the tears poured out in buckets.

Maurice and Mona have adjusted to life without the Alpha cat, but I miss Macavity a lot.

Even if she will always be the cat who loved lawn…

7 thoughts on “RIP Macavity the Cat (May 1997 – October 2014)

  1. rindymae

    Ugh. I hate pet loss and know my day is coming sooner than later. Although, if I’m lucky enough to have them as long, we still have some good years left together. That last picture is soooooo sweet.


    • I’m so proud of Maurice. A few days beforehand he’d knocked her over and she hadn’t been able to get up and run away from him and he was really confused and I was mad at him. Luckily, he figured it out and did his best to make up for the little misunderstanding. Watching him grieve wasn’t a ton of fun either. After 16 years together it was really sad to watch.


  2. Had a dog who stared at me 24 hours a day for 14 wonderful years, so I have some comprehension of the loss. She had a wonderful life, your kitty. There is comfort to be found in that.


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