Dear Gardeners; Happy 2013!

Here’s to seeing more of the beauty in the world around us.
Here’s to creating more art and giving of ourselves to others.
Here’s to opening closed doors.
Here’s to geminating the difficult seeds in our lives.
Now get outside—even if it’s only in your mind.

4 thoughts on “Dear Gardeners; Happy 2013!

  1. Hi,
    I´ve just found your blog when i searched some information about Dianthus barbatus Green Trick. I also love that flower just like you do, and it´s colour is my absolute favorite! I´m studing to be a florist and this flower is funny in bouquetes! I will try to plant some of them in my garden, it´s possible to buy them from Thomson and Morgan. I live in the northern Sweden – perhaps our climate is like yours – a lot of snow now! I have visited San Fransisco same years ago, i think thats quite near Portland? I also have a blog The name is translated: Happy in Green. Welcome to my blog!And Happy New Gardening Year


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