The Living Stones (Lithops) are Moving Indoors for Winter with the Graptopetalum

Like many other gardeners, I love my succulents.
Not sure yet what kind of winter we’ll be having so I’m beginning to pull in the plants I want to keep for next season.
For the first time, I grew some Lithops this year. (I guess I should add that I purchased these at a nursery and by “grew” I simply mean that I didn’t kill them during the past 6 months or so.)
The Graptopetalum pentandrum ssp. superbum I actually purchased last year at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco and it has been a lot of fun with its unique coloring. (Obviously, the photo above overemphasizes its purple hue.)
As for the Lithops, I must confess, they didn’t completely escape my neglect. I feel badly they split a bit, but I will take better care of them now.

Currently indoors in the plant room, I expect they’ll be quite happy here in the window where it’s much warmer and drier during the winter months.

3 thoughts on “The Living Stones (Lithops) are Moving Indoors for Winter with the Graptopetalum

  1. Some of the “living rocks” were in a planter I picked up at a garage sale. The little girl helping her mom cautioned me not to think they were dead if they happened to shrivel up. After adding a bunch of new succ's to the planter, I must confess I've lost track of their location. That little girl would be so disappointed in me.


  2. Great succulents. I love the architecture and the subtle colors. And how they can stand up to so much environment adversity. About 30 years ago I was growing several dozen under lights. A hummingbird flew in an pen door and went from flower to flower. I hadn't realized they had nectaries.


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