13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The House & Garden of My Childhood

  1. What a beautiful garden! How lucky you are to still have a connection to it. My parents moved twice when I was growing up, so the garden of my childhood (before age 12 anyway) is now long gone.


  2. Loree,
    When I was 20 or so I woke up late one morning and was in the kitchen at my parent's eating breakfast—at like 2pm—and my mom was down by the creek cutting the treehouse down with a chainsaw. (It was a structure on stilts.) Something about it struck me as hilarious at the time. It was replaced with that pretty little structure in the 5th picture. I thought you might find that funny for some reason. My mom is kind of energetic and driven when she wants to do something. I don't know anything about that kind of attitude.

    I knew you'd like Penny! She is a cutie and she is a very great little dog.


  3. Ricki,
    All the women gardened when I was a child and to a large extent I think it had a lot to do with their being the granddaughters of pioneers. My mom's people came from the dirt as I like to say and were mostly dust-bowlers though her paternal grandmother was half-Native American. Overall mom is far more rooted than I since my mind tends to drift to the stars more like my father. We gardeners come in so many fascinating varieties…


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