Handmade Garden Projects

Last week my 20-year-old niece came over to visit me in the garden and as soon as she arrived I put down my review copy of Handmade Garden Projects. She immediately grabbed it though and after a few minutes of flipping thorough it blurted, “Wow Annie, these are really cool projects! I want to make something now. Like right now!”
And this is exactly how Handmade Garden Projects will make you feel too. Yes, there are instructions for the different projects, but there are also extra tidbits that will help with your overall funky garden design. Somehow, between the pages, the book gives off the creative energy of its author and creator too—Lorene Edwards Forkner. We could all use a little bit of personality sometimes and I think many gardening books lack it. This is not one of those books. 
Like others, I too had the pleasure to see Lorene’s garden during the Seattle Garden Blogger’s Fling in 2011. It was absolutely a high point during the trip. I too like to repurpose and recycle old things in the garden and I love how it continually changes how I see things. I am often in awe of those like Loree who are able to push the simplest and sometimes most inelegant of objects into things of beauty. It truly is an art to understand how to place found objects.
There is nothing quite like the chance encounter in a garden for the viewer. So often it’s where we’ve come to expect the expected. When we don’t find it—at least for me—it can be exhilarating. Just when you become blasé about something like this, it often takes the talent of someone like Lorene to open up your eyes all over again.
Here are just a few of the projects included in the book that I captured during that tour. Have a look through and at the end of this post simply leave a comment to win your very own copy of Handmade Garden Projects! (Deadline Friday May 25th at noon PST.)
Welded Gabion Column (Lorene Edwards Forkner). 
Outdoor Terrarium (Lorene Edwards Forkner). 
Cocktail Table. (Lorene Edwards Forkner). 
Wire Plant Support (Lorene Edwards Forkner).
Shutter Storage Space (Lorene Edwards Forkner).
Bamboo Obelisk (Lorene Edwards Forkner). 
Old World Water Fountain (Lorene Edwards Forkner).
Sleek Succulent Gutter (Lorene Edwards Forkner).
There were so many amazing things I had to leave a few more funky pictures.

So please don’t forget to leave a comment to win your very own copy of Handmade Garden Projects.

Here is your prompt: Have you repurposed or recycled something in your garden that you’re really proud of or do you have plans to do so this summer? Let us all know and good luck! (Deadline Friday May 25th at noon PST.)

12 thoughts on “Handmade Garden Projects

  1. Laurie

    Those projects are so cool-looking! I love the individual flair they show off. I'm planning on taking a vintage drinking glass holder of my Grandmother's and turning it into a hanging basket.


  2. This book looks pretty cool. I also like repurposing stuff for the garden. My wife and I have been on the lookout for an old wooden ladder to use as a trellis Right now I have a few old kitchen pots and tea kettles in the garage ready to be turned into planters.


  3. What great inspirations. My uncle (and now my brother is starting) made cute garden critters out of old tools and metal pieces. Knowing how to weld helps with that. I'm on the look out for old galvanized containers to plant in. I can leave them out year round and they just look cool with plants draped on them. I like having more art in the garden. If it will hold up to all weather (and not blow away), it's considered.


  4. This book looks just up my alley! I have been in the mode of re-purposing old planters with crabby exteriors. A new coat of paint does wonders on the outside 🙂 I will have a lot more time once I've moved to explore more project ideas, which I'm quite excited to do! Cheers, Jenni


  5. I have repurposed some colourful old bowling balls as sculpture but putting them on top of terra cotta pots….instant art and I love the shape in among the flowers and greenery. I would love to win this to get some great ideas.


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