Barbie and Ken go to an African Violet Sale…

I found this little drama is a notebook in the guest room where the therapeutic foster kids used to sleep while I was cleaning up the house this week. I’m pretty sure I know who wrote it, and that’s only because she looked at my plant tags and has included their names. Too funny! (No houseplants were harmed during the writing of this play.)


Ken is a scientist who makes a love formula.

Ken says this you say this. I love sciens its cool. Vet comes in. You say. Hi ken what are you doing. I’m make ing a formula a looovvveee formula I need a shirls plum jam a Baby plant just potted and senks blue cascade. Ok ken I got it I’ll go get it now.

(Make up your own line now.)

Barbie says I love plants don t you ken. I ges so. Pink lady. What did you say Barbie. I said Pink Lady Ken. What is that. It’s a plant.

I like Becky plants Ken ow and jungle print plants. so there is a violet sale next Saturday at 10:00-3:00 Barbie. Then let’s go Ken.

The end!!!…


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