The Willow Arbor in Winter

A week or so ago my husband trimmed up our willow arbor in the back garden. It is a task that we neglected to do last year and we paid heavily for it this year. Much of the growth that could have been harnessed for the structure’s integrity was lost, but next year, this won’t be the case. The arbor has been streamlined.
I’ve ordered a super sized tarp to temporarily cover the arbor for a spell this winter. We have so little space indoors at times, and only a small front porch, so it seemed important to do so.
The tarp will be red. I love the color and it always looks nice with green. I just did not want a blue tarp.
Maybe if I pull out the fire pit I can sit beside it and warm up as I work on winter garden tasks. I’ve been so busy indoors that I am beginning to want to go back outside again.
Next year, my plan is to have a nice fence to block more of the apartment building from our view. I am not a big fan of having folks that close. My childhood, surrounded by woods and water, spoiled me.

I love out willow arbor, don’t you? It’s 10′ x 10′ and the heart of our garden. Maybe it was a bit ugly for a few years, but when it’s covered in Clematis blooms and the branches sway and block the bright sun, it’s simply heavenly.

6 thoughts on “The Willow Arbor in Winter

  1. During the spring and summer months it's amazing to sit beneath. We have benches and I drink coffee out there in the morning. The cats love it too because the garden floor there is a checkered pattern of paving stones and moss. They love how it feels to stretch across the two surfaces.


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