Why I ♥ My Garden Journal (Made by Attic Journals)

This is not my first garden journal/notebook, nor is it my only garden journal, but currently, it’s the most special garden journal in my collection. If you need a journal, or if you’d like to give one as a gift this holiday season, I highly recommend those made by  Attic Journals.

I know for a fact that it was made with a lot of love. That’s because I know the folks who made it.

They are a local (and extremely hard-working) Portland, OR company who inspire everyone they meet. I know I was inspired and I ‘m pretty sure I’m not the only one.
My garden journal has fulfilled all of the requirements I have for an ideal garden journal.

It has been used as a sketchbook and as a place for me to write garden quotes.

There are collages I’ve pasted onto its pages with ideas I’ve liked from gardening magazines.

It also has inspirational art I’ve collected for ideas, and design shapes for things I might make in the future, or, for things I will make in the future.

The journal is full of lists too, but I didn’t want to bore you with images of those. (I don’t have the handwriting of an architect if you catch my drift.)

And why, oh why, do I just adore my journal  * * *  t  h  i  s     m  u  c  h  * * *?

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that my Etsy shops would never have been created if I hadn’t had a chance encounter with Attic Journals back when I was looking for someone to walk with from time to time in the neighborhood.

Every time I touch this journal, dreaming my dreams of creation and artistry, I remember those days before Milton’s Garden Menagerie and I know that I will never go back.

Now I want everyone out there to feel as good as I do, and to have their own journal to flip through, to fill with their own hopes, dreams, tasks and designs. You too can forge your own future, and never have to go back, not unless you want to, but it all begins with a recycled vintage book journal—followed by a few blank pages.

O Pioneers! Onward!

3 thoughts on “Why I ♥ My Garden Journal (Made by Attic Journals)

  1. That is so funny! I have just had to clear out my nan's loft and found a load of paper and dusty old journals from the 50's. She is happy for me to have sold them for her to a dealer but she kept the gardening one cause she said gardening never really changes. How true!


  2. I used to keep a journal much like yours (the contents…not the cool cover), I've stopped now that the blog has taken over. In many ways the blog is better, but sometimes I miss the paper and cut-outs…


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