11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Maybe She Won’t Notice Me—I’m a Plant

  1. I have to say that my ongoing ikebana project seriously appears to be bringing humor out of me. I am kind of surprised but pleased.

    What's even funnier is knowing that if Mona knew you all could see her on the Internet she'd be horrified. This is our partially feral cat and she hates being seen. Too funny!


  2. Catherine,
    Thank you for checking out Milton's! It has been so much fun on Etsy I cannot even begin to say how wonderful everyone has been there. I love being in the garden realm too. It is a nice niche! I only wish I was one of the super creative designers but I am working on it. Next spring I hope to have a small line of garden decor that will be sewn over the winter. I am kind of excited about it. But we will see if I can make it work!


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