DIG Floral & Garden (Vashon Island, WA)


A few weeks back I promised pictures of DIG Floral & Garden out on Vashon Island and I have failed to provide those up until now. I am sorry for the cursory visit, but my ongoing hand injury recovery has really slowed me down.

Lobelia tupa.
Happiest dog I’ve seen all summer.
I have seen tons of blown glass balls and baubles galore at other places but this arrangement is just right.
If you’re going to put a large round object in your garden make sure it’s big and heavy.
A few years ago these gabions inspired my husband to make his own at the family vineyard in California. His is much smaller but he loved that he could use rocks he’d been digging up in the vineyard to fill it up. (Note too the metal “picture” frames. They are actually recycled metal grates.)
I think this is safely described as a bit surreal. The dissimilar objects remind me much of Lautreamont’s famous quote concerning the beauty of a chance encounter between very different objects. Sometimes the odd couple pairings really do work!
If my mother-in-law enjoyed gardening, I would have to buy her one of these little handsome devils.
I have seen simple tiered planters before but admittedly I’ve never really liked them. This one is completely different though because the pottery appears to have morphed its shape. It seems more alive somehow.
I have a sedum filled birdbath too so I am a bit partial to this one.
Possibly a Tweedia.
Fuchsia ‘Chang’.
More glass balls and this color pathway is maybe a bit less jarring.
Surprising combination.
These are aluminum banded planters that can be used many different ways.
Their take on the Mediterranean theme meshes far better with my relaxed and not-so-technical side. It isn’t Anglophilic or part of the Tuscanization of America. It find that refreshing.
Now I want a totally new garden and it will have a special name inspired by this scene: Glaucous. I would even get my husband a well-trained Glaucous Macaw and train it to act like Kermit the Frog. The silliness of the idea makes it seem plausible.
De nada!
Just in case anyone cares, that’s a Beschorneria ‘Ding Dong’ blooming in the terracotta pot. (If you’re reading this, I got that name just for you.)
This white chicken should stand beside my red wheelbarrow. I need some white concrete chickens right? That’s not a want, but a need. Clearly.
The white glass baubles were also a nice touch. I still can’t decide which colors I liked most though so that’s why you get to see them all.
Nothing makes me happier than an Asparagus fern in a serene formal planter. It floods me with memories of the Alcazar in Seville.
This is meant to remind myself and others that if you have a Staghorn fern living unhappily in a small plastic planter, set it free!
Begonia maculata var. wightii.

The DIG tour had to be quick because we had a ferry to catch. Two of our regular foster respite kids were waiting back in Portland for us so we had to dash off the island. That morning, the ferry had looked so mysterious and moody in the fog, but by the time we’d packed up, and arrived at the nursery, things were looking much better.

As we waited for the ferry, I sat and watched the Madrone trees.

Madrone, Arbutus menziesii.

9 thoughts on “DIG Floral & Garden (Vashon Island, WA)

  1. Great post! I love DIG, it looks like they have some new stuff since a couple of months ago when I visited. Those glass bauble things are cool, I need one of those for my back porch, I think. Their enormous gabions are the coolest!


  2. Wonderful tour, thank you! This is one of those places I keep meaning to visit…

    So did you buy anything? I've almost bought a Beschorneria 'Ding Dong' (isn't that fun to say?) several times…but alas I am without.


  3. Thanks for the tour. I really liked the set up in IMG_2035.JPG. Are those filing cabinet drawers? I wish I could have glass baubles but I doubt they would survive our typhoons.


  4. DG, That Ding Dong was for you. I had a feeling you'd know what it was…

    Oh, and I will post my summer spoils soon. They've been clumped together in a mess and I am sorting them all out. Ugh.

    Born, I thought those might be drawers too but now I am wondering if they are old ammunition boxes from the military. That would make more sense.


  5. What a cool, cool place. I covet those little devil planters and the baby held in the hands. I am reading a book about pre-columbian culture and they look like an Aztec made them. I may also steel the stones in the metal basket idea, but I have a bunch of whelk and conch shells that will go in them.


  6. It's probably a very good thing this wonderful nursery is miles away from me and surrounded by water. Thanks for all the photos. Love the aluminum wire planters. And also your very astute comments re mediterranean influence that doesn't amount to Tuscanization.


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