City People’s Garden Store, Seattle (Washington)

During the Seattle Garden Bloggers Fling last month I was unable to sneak over to City People’s Garden Store to go shopping. I really wanted to, but once I was told I’d be coming back in a few weeks with the husband for a wine pouring, I relaxed and vowed to return then—and I did!

I’ve only been here twice before and both of those visits took place during the wintertime when I was looking for houseplants. This time I shopped inside AND outside.

Reiger Begonias are a hybrid cross between tuberous and wax Begonias.

There were so many things I wanted to buy, but since our garden is currently unkempt, and with the impending threat of the serial casting process for two injured fingers on my right hand being planned, I was just looking and not shopping.

I would buy one of these for every girl who came through my door if I could because ever the cynical foster teens melt when anyone mentions fairies. It is nice to see that a door can still open to their inner child sometimes.

I don’t grow Kangaroo Paw plants, but the green blooms on this one were so tempting.

Having been the black sheep oftentimes during Lenten activities at my Catholic school makes some place deep inside of me want a black sheep for my garden. This one is not quite black, but it’s close!

The salmon was interesting in its rusticity. I liked that the artist got the hooked snout just right.

It was so pretty that day but I was so sad it was already August. With my birthday looming, I knew that fall was near. The nursery was already stocking mums, so that made the inevitability of the changing season that much clearer.

I am sure that others around me would have understood how I felt that day if they’d known so I continued to take in as much as I could along with the rest of them. Oh the lies we tell ourselves to justify the things that satisfy us!

Sometimes you really need to gawk.

The colors are like Valium for your eyes—at least in my case they are.

And even though I have seen these blooms many times before, I still always want to see them again.

Digitalis obscura.
Delphinium hybid.
Gentiana acaulis hybrid ‘Holzmann’.
Silene ‘Jack Flash’.
The native plant corner was where I rested my eyes for a minute or two.

When I turned around I saw the Aucuba on the right with the solid green leaf. I’ve wanted one of these for awhile, but I passed on it. Sometimes it is sooooo hard to say “No” though.

This year my Fuchsia plants do not look quite this happy.

I wanted to crawl into this seat to rest a spell because my finger injuries were really making my tired. Sometimes it is such hard work looking at plants but somebody has to do it.

8 thoughts on “City People’s Garden Store, Seattle (Washington)

  1. There's some really cool stuff there! And they have a native area. Thanks for taking us with you through your pictures, I have never been, but now I'm really motivated to go.

    Hope your fingers heal soon and no longer bother you. It's so hard to pass up plants we've been looking for.


  2. Ann, quel negozio è interessantissimo! Peccato che per me sia un po' lontano… 😀
    Mi sono piaciute davvero le foto dei fiori, e anche il tuonuovo template che non avevo ancora visto.
    Spero che le tue dita guariscano presto! Un abbraccio da Venezia.


  3. Ciao Dona!
    Un abbraccio da Venezia mi aiuterà a guarire più velocemente di quanto le bottiglie di vino di mio marito! Egli è l'enologo di vigna della sua famiglia in California. L'azienda produce Barbera, Moscato, aglianico, primitivo, sangiovese e dolcetto. Sono contento ti è piaciuto il mio post. Anna Maria


  4. “And even though I have seen these blooms many times before, I still always want to see them again.”

    I think I'd like to quote you on this, Ann. What a beautiful, apropos statement. Thank you for taking us along to this store. If ever I'm in Seattle I'll definitely try to get there.


  5. Saw this post through your 'Link Within' widget. I used to work at City People's! In fact I worked there from 2006- August 2011. Glad to see you liked it. I might be partial, but I always thought it was a pretty cool store. 🙂


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