A Welcome Guest in my Seedy Garden

These are my babies—this year. I am rather proud of them, but I am not always the best mother to my seedlings. With so much going on, and with more kids coming through than ever, it is difficult to keep track of them all. I just hope that many of these can survive their time with me. I really mean to be a good plant mom, but sometimes, it’s so hard when you have so many. Ugh!
The grassy looking seedlings right above this caption are Freesia alba. I cannot wait for these guys to pull through and bloom for me.
My single Espelette Pepper from last winter produced spice and plenty of fertile seeds!
Recently I discovered my secondary asthma has worsened and this frustrates me daily but I am feeling better. Gardening has kept me so happy during the last 6 or 7 years though so I am using it as my secondary medicine and even if the seedlings mean more work, they are so cheerful I just cannot help myself. They need me as I need them.
Seeds: The ORIGINAL Earthmovers. 

(ASTHMA NOTE: You need neither wheezing nor a cough to have asthma though they are the most frequently listed symptoms. You can have a version similar to mine, where slowly, over time, your lungs swell.)

Yes, I grow grass for our cats. Once you rip out the lawn you need to keep them from wandering over to the neighbors’ yards, right?
With my health improving, I am finding that things are returning to normal, but I am significantly more tired from all of the recent garden and house activity. I just hope that my lack of energy and feeling better don’t combine to hurt the plants.

Pregnant Hellebore bloom. I am waiting to harvest the seeds for my ETSY store. They seem to take forever. 

Tonight, after walking the garden circle around the house—just as I was about to enter back into the house by way of the side door—I noticed Mona the cat acting strangely. Staring down at a moving object walking quickly along the ground, she didn’t even notice me as I hurried over to watch with her. I was amazed to find this rather large ground beetle. Mona was surprised too to say the least!

Sometimes we have to wonder where these things come from, but then we need to accept that we don’t need to know everything, and we must let these thoughts go. With my New American Garden design, I am not surprised I am attracting wildlife. When things are left to be part wild, and part planned, and you have plants everywhere, it really becomes a different place. And that different place, well, it takes ALL kinds and I mean all kinds.

In my own life and garden, I will accept that I am not always in control of anything, and that I cannot always do my best in either, and when the unexpected guest or surprise appears, I will stand near these things, watch their multiplicity, and I will take a deep breath to remind me how happy I am to be alive.

I will be the reed of grass humbly dancing in the wind—rather than the mighty oak that cannot withstand the barrage, falling to pieces.

So dance little seedlings and show me that you won’t break in the wind! How else will you begin to thrive if you cannot dance in the wind?


7 thoughts on “A Welcome Guest in my Seedy Garden

  1. very ambitious! I get a thrill out of growing stuff from seed, but it can be a lot of work. I also like collecting Hellebore seed, watching those pods ripen and trying to find them when they are just about to open but before all the seed has popped out.


  2. Ann, I also have asthma, and I don't get wheezing either. I get that awful tight feeling. My is adult onset asthma, and it is terrible. I'm sorry you suffer with secondary asthma.

    As for your babies, they are little darlings. Enjoy them. Gardening does help us heal.~~Dee


  3. You have a lovely outlook towards nature. We should all be so reverent. And your seedlings are looking great…you sowed a lot of seeds. (BTW…have you tried a product called Clear Lungs to help with your health issue? I don't have asthma, but I did have an asthma attack once…and so far I have been fine. I take this product…it is all natural…just thought I'd offer that up. I know how painful an asthma attack can be.)


  4. Sage Butterfly,
    Herbal treatments are typically really bad for me. Thanks for suggesting it though. We tried that path about 12 years ago only to discover I am intolerant of many herbs and have had bad reactions to them.

    My lungs swell because I have a swelling disease caused by the malfunction of a blood protein. It is a primary immune disease that compromises my entire body everyday. It's called Hereditary Angioedema and it is very rare. I have not yet qualified for the continual blood infusions, but someday, I hope to get them. That would help a lot.

    As for nature, I am a nature nut. Guilty!


  5. gorgeous seedlings….I was born with asthma and even though it is under control (no wheezing), I still have the lungs that do not function like everyone else's and the poor immune system…gardening is a medicine for me too and I feel healthier when I am in my garden…you have a wonderful garden and life philosophy which is why I love to visit your blog…


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