Germination Experiment: Begonia semperflorens

Abstract: To discover if I could germinate the most simple and basic of garden variety annuals, the Wax Begonia, from seeds collected from plants purchased by myself, or grown by myself, the year before.
Method: I collected a lot of dried capsules full of powdery seeds from some Green Leaf White begonias (store bought), Bronze Leaf White begonias (store bought), and some Ambassador Red begonias (grown from commercial seeds).
Results: Very interesting and 100% expected! The tray on the left is all Green Leaf White baby begonias. The tray on the right has some striped lime petunias on top, the mostly empty area in the middle is where the mostly sterile Ambassador Red begonia seeds were planted, and the stuffed area on the bottom is full of Bronze Leaf White begonias. 

These pathetic little tiny plants are the ones produced from the F1 Ambassador Hybrid seeds. 

Discussion: If anyone ever asks you about saving Begonia semperflorens seeds, now you will know. If they are not super special hybrids, yes, you can!

References: None.

Notes: Plant out soon. We have a sunny forecast next week and they deserve some space! 

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