12 thoughts on “The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show (2011)

  1. thanks for sharing these pics. I wish our PDX show was as funky as the SF show.

    my favorite pics

    your husband(?) thinking hard about some garden art
    beautiful Bergenia emelensis 'Moon Chimes'
    contorted Forsythia bonsai in bloom
    snail shell hanging planters


  2. Ryan, Those are some of my favorites too! Fosythia deserves to be tortured in a pot! That really blew my mind and it made such a statement. It was 10 years old!!! That is my husband and normally he makes faces but that was really him just trying to figure it all out. Too funny!

    The Seattle show is way better and it is by far the biggest and the best garden event on the West Coast and I can say that now with absolute certainty. California has a palette of plant materials to work with though that is astounding so I really expected so much more but it is simply different here.

    Off to Flora Grubb and about 10 other plant locales so more pictures soon!


  3. Danger Garden, I thought of you today at Flora Grubb. Those pictures will be posted in two days I think. I am a bit behind right now.

    Kate, That chicken was at the Annie's Annuals booth. Not sure if they have made them available online, but I really liked them too.


  4. I just spent the past hour looking around at posts and videos of this flower show and I thought I'd seen it all. You have a lot of shots I didn't see in other places and plants! So many cool plants you got here.

    Thanks for the tour.


  5. Mr Brown Thumb, I want to thank you so much for your comment! I am currently exhausted from all the travels, and I have about 200 more photos of gardens and plants to come.


  6. I want a water feature!!! 😀
    So many pictures that I'd like to comment on. That plant lab looked fascinating. Was it really just an exhibit?
    Thank you so much for sharing these. It's almost like I was there too.


  7. Thank you for sharing all of your photos! I was there last year and loved it. Was totally bummed not to be there this year, but your photos made me feel like I saw the show!


  8. Born, The plant lab was made by students and it is based on current water conservation studies being done for agricultural production. My husband told me about it because they are doing similar studies on wine vines. I completely agree about the water feature too. They were everywhere and that makes so much sense since in California they really do need to have oases when it's hot.


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