The End of One Season, The Beginning of the Next


This past week I anticipated the anxiety of turning over a new leaf, deeply dreading the departure of my husband for his wine work in California, and somehow, I made it through without much despair. In part, this survival success is due to my better understanding of just letting go, being carried away with the wind, riding that same leaf, to wherever it may land. This new attitude helped me through a lot of socializing this past week, and some very emotional moments.

With only 3 weeks to go until my first appointment with a neurologist, I am keeping as upbeat and as positive as possible. I will only have one foster child on the weekend, and I plan to enjoy all of the little things, while scurrying about with the garden chores between long breaks of rest.

Below is the annual Nigella, or Love-in-the-Mist. Already growing, it reminds me that annuals often do not just appear out of nowhere.

Out of nowhere our fragrant Viola odorata began to bloom before we left for Seattle last week so I harvested it, and my husband processed it for me. They are being used to make violet sugar, so it isn’t anything too complicated, but it is a start. Since I seem to be the only one who really enjoys violet flavored treats, I am sure that this will be enough for now.

After the blooms were thoroughly washed and dried, the green stems were removed and the flowers were layered with sugar in a large glass jar. This is what the process looked like before it was placed back into the cool cupboard. With any luck, I will use it in a dessert frosting for a garden party I have planned for this spring.

Lastly, this is the final Amaryllis bloom of the season. I believe that is called Pasadena, and it is quite large. The foster kids have really marveled at it. Hopefully it is a memory they will keep forever in their minds because it is amazing that something so beautiful can come out of a big ugly bulb in a pot with dirt. If that can happen right before their eyes, who knows what can come out of their situations, right?

Let’s all keep that in mind during our most difficult moments…

One thought on “The End of One Season, The Beginning of the Next

  1. You've been having fun with a rather pretty font! What is your text font called?

    I continue to marvel, that you foster children. Other people make excuses, you just do it. I wonder how you first started? You must remember your first child vividly? do you ever have any contact later, when they are grown?


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