Winter Crafts, Houseplant Blooms and Loss

The month of December is flying by and for the most part my little slew of Christmas orders on Etsy is over and I am very content. Folks were happy with their garden oddities, and I kept up with the shipping. Considering how busy we have been, this a big accomplishment for me and I couldn’t be more happy about it.
These are some wooden spoons someone ordered for a gift.

I have been making these simple accordion books, but I have not completed one yet for sale or for Christmas presents but I am getting close. So many layers of glue can take a long time to dry. I intend to glue a few envelopes inside of them too, add some seeds, and voilà, you have a little seed book.

These are the envelopes I have been making. The chicken wire paper is so cute I could not pass it up. Usually when I sell seeds I make origami envelopes but this time I used a template. It seems to work ok, but I wish that I could get the wire links to match up consistently. I plan to paper over them anyway, but I will keep working away at these.

While I work, I get to adore my little winter treats on the houseplants. Hopefully I will have more blooms this winter than ever. Whatever the plants need to look their best, I will help.

African Violet, not sure
African Violet, Genetic Blush, standard
Streptocarpus, Butter Blues
African Violet, not sure, given to my mom when she had breast cancer for the second time about 10 years ago.
African Violet, Kentucky Strawberries, semi-miniature

Lastly, we lost a very dear feline friend this week and I am still mourning his untimely death. Meng was a neighbor’s cat who also lived at another neighbor’s house, and often spent time sneaking into our basement to sleep and eat. He was also the guardian of my garden, the cat who claimed and protected my turf, saving my 3 cats from the trouble. He lived outside and so was on guard 24/7.

He was struck and killed by a car this week on a dark and rainy night. It was not unexpected, but that somehow does not make it any easier. We will miss his so much around here.

Meng the Cat, RIP, you will be missed

5 thoughts on “Winter Crafts, Houseplant Blooms and Loss

  1. I am so sorry about the cat! As a child I had a black cat who lived for many years. He looked just like your Meng.

    Your accordion seed book is very creative and lovely. Lucky is the recipient.


  2. I like your seed packets and book! Also, you have some pretty African Violets. It would be nice to see some blooms, right now. 🙂
    It is always so hard to say goodbye to an animal friend.


  3. Our Chocolat began life as a feral cat. Little handful of shadow playing on the tarred road, hunting crickets by night. Amazed that he survived. Now he lives in the garden, and house. That accordion book looks delightful!


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