8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (3)

  1. The little cat is Mona. She is our half feral cat. I found her during a heavy rain storm one dark November night five years ago hiding in the shrubs in the Home Depot parking lot near our home. I still cannot believe someone would leave a kitten there like that.

    The desk is actually our dining room table. It looks dwarfed by my seed sorting! I have been swamped with seeds but I am going to keep on going.


  2. The first picture doesn't say Autumn, but the last one makes it pretty clear – It's that time of the year when seeds are on our mind! By the way, were you eating Nutella straight from the jar? Ha-ha!I do that with some jams, and it shocks the people who see me!


  3. @Tatyana: Of course, I was eating Nutella out of the jar! Is there any other way? LOL. Funny because I vaguely recall that night I ate a medley of vegetables frittata-ized to justify such a treat.


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