Garden Party Gravlax


This was my first attempt to make Gravlax with a fresh salmon my father had caught the week before our annual end of the season garden party. I am relieved to say that it worked well, and tasted delicious. My husband, the trained chef, was able to cut it nicely for our guests and I thought it looked like a lovely chrysanthemum. Maybe it was the wine…

5 thoughts on “Garden Party Gravlax

  1. Amazing it is to have the very salmon your father fished for dinner! Thanks for faving my blog. Will add yours to my list too. I'm ill at the moment so not much on the net. My husband who is an architect appreciated to see your photos of the Frank Lloyd Wright house. Do you really dream of visiting Chaumont sur Loire Garden? I visit it every year. How did you happen to hear about this garden festival in Oregon? Claude, from France.


  2. Claude, I do dream of visiting and have been saving money for sometime! I visited Paris a few years ago, and three of my dearest friends are French. I first learned of the festival in a gardening magazine, but I have followed it for a few years online and I have a book about it. In Sonoma (California), aka Napa Valley, there is a similar garden establishment named Cornerstone. My husband grows and makes wine near there, and he used to be a chef down there too, so we visit it often. Now that he is a certified sommelier we can visit France as a business trip. We hope to do so next year, but we will have to see…


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