Out of my Illness Ill-nest


Whenever summer comes around I get excited, but then I have to remember, summer is my garden’s best season, but it is not always mine. It takes longer for me to recover from a swelling, and there is simply more to do, so that means an additional chunk of time taken from my life that I hadn’t planned to lose in the first place. To add to this irritation, this past weekend there was a one-day conference here in Portland concerning Hereditary Angioedema, its three types, and what treatment options are available for all of them. We left with the realization that my Type III HAE is really as crazy and as unpredictable as it feels, we were told there is no treatment anywhere on the horizon for me, but to help that process along, I gave them blood and DNA samples so I understand now that it’s all out there for the right researcher to investigate and that’s kind of exciting. So, with that in order, it’s back to work.

My Egyptian walking onions are all ready to walk out on me. Maybe being surrounded by the jungle that is our garden right now has inspired them to take the walk they need in order to get better spacing for next year. I hate to anthropomorphize, but this little army of onions really cracks me up. Luckily, every single part of them tastes great too. 

I have also finally started to break open the Christmas houseplant terrariums I’d planted to help those plants continue on their journey. The heart I found at a thrift store recently and since I love topiary so much I stuffed it and planted some baby’s tears in it. With all of the rain we’ve been having, this should do well this year. 

Here is the lovely Julia Child rose. We all need to have golden butter colored roses, right? I only have this one, but it is more than enough. 
Lastly, here are two of the three black cats (Mona in the foreground, Maurice in back). And with that, I’m back on my horse, and off to garden at my employers’. 

8 thoughts on “Out of my Illness Ill-nest

  1. I'm sorry this is such a tough time for you, but I do see you keep lugging away and living life. That makes God proud of you. I love your topiary heart , your beautiful rose, and of course those precious black cats ! Take care , Gina


  2. Glad you are feeling better and able to go back to work. I hope that it won't be far off before someone can discover a treatment/cure for your condition.
    What a pretty garden you have. I have that same rose and just love it, it's just started to bloom.


  3. i didn't know there was a julia child rose ! buttery too. neat.

    those cats own the locale !

    longwood gardens in kennett square, pa, has worker cats to keep pests at bay, and you're not supposed to disrupt the cats by petting them or anything similar while they're on the clock.


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