Greenhouse & Blooms


This is what has been slowing me down, oh right, and the seedlings still left in our basement, and the foster kids I chase after every weekend. Many of this year’s seedlings are stored currently in this greenhouse across the street from my home that our neighbor has nicely allowed us to use. I carried them over there, now I get to start shlepping them back!

And these need to be moved too since this is the other side of the same greenhouse, and what you see is more of my fine work.

I missed bloom day, and so will post randomly. Below is the beautiful Green Rose (Rosa viridiflora ‘Green Rose’).

This is some kind of uncommon Dianthus I grew from seed years ago now. It is actually a bit more hot pink than this, and it is the funniest little punctuation of color swinging around in the air above its wine barrel planter at this time of year.

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