Native Miniature Mimulus


Mimulus alsinoides

This past weekend my neighbor and I took one of the weekend foster respites out to the Columbia River Gorge. Since it is a National Scenic Area, it is seriously protected, therefore it’s a great area for viewing native flowers in bloom doing their thing. This is a good example of that, but the ironic part is that this picture was taken right next to one of the busiest spots in the area. Thousands of people will tromp right next to this little clump as it soaks up the spray continually given off by our iconic Multnomah Falls.

When I say this is miniature, I mean it. The plant itself was probably only 3″-4″. The blooms were so tiny my camera had a difficult time capturing them. I was elated to be able to see something like this since I have been unable to hike for the last 10 years due to my health. Seeing this was really exciting, and it gives me some kind of hope that in the coming years I will be able to hike again.

3 thoughts on “Native Miniature Mimulus

  1. We have a few native Mimulus in the NW. Mimulus cardinalis is by far the most easy to find, though, and it is fairly easy to grow. I grew mine from seed. I'll have to post a picture of that plant when it blooms.


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