Clematis ‘Josephine"


The laptop camera does not do this flower justice but I had to share this bloom before it fades away. As I sit here, under my living willow arbor, drinking my coffee, I am adoring not only my loving outdoor cat, but this new laptop too. I’m able to take these new candid bloom images while listening to my favorite music. Now I just have to remember how to buy backup equipment so my images never disappear again as they did not that long ago on the other computer.

As far as clematis plants go, this is the showiest I have ever known and it is planted here where my guests sit just so that they can say things like, “Is that real? It looks like it’s made of velvet!” What garden couldn’t use a bloom like that, right? This is the second or third year it has lived here in my garden, and it is covered in flowers for the first time. It is the kind you do not have to cut back all of the way to the ground too so that makes it even more lovely since it’s lower maintenance.

Since it is a hybrid only registered/introduced back in 2002 it may be a bit tricky to find, but I HIGHLY recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Clematis ‘Josephine"

  1. Wow, you're right. It almost doesn't look real! It's quite beautiful though. Congratulations on your redbud seedlings. I wonder how long it'll take to make a little tree?


  2. Hi Jean! It should take about a year for a tiny tree if I give it everything it needs. I plan to spoil them rotten though. They are simply so beautiful in bloom. Most of the other trees I've grown seem to be real little trees after about two years.


  3. Mine is planted on the NE side of a living willow (tree) arbor in my backyard. It gets a blast of morning sun and then dappled shade after that. The flowers are really lasting this year and there are tons!


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