My Newest Gesneriad: Kohleria


After a rough evening of therapeutic foster parenting—that had been preceded by three other difficult days and evenings with the same 10-year-old client—when my husband arrived home last night I knew that the first thing I would do when I gained my freedom today was run up the hill to the spring plant sale put on by the Portland African Violet Society. As usual, I was not disappointed, and as always, it was the calm and soothing plant purchasing experience I needed on a day like today.

I am just a novice when it comes to my knowledge of African Violets and their many lovely cousins, but from what I have been learning from watching last year’s acquisitions over the past seven months or so, these plants are just a lovely addition to any collection of houseplants and for those of us who want to see blooms and blooms, these do not seem to disappoint.

One of today’s purchases was this Kohleria “Tropical Night” plant. As can be seen in the photo, it was hard to miss at the sale and I was really excited once I put it in the windowsill upon my arrival home. Though it will grow quite a bit more in the coming months, its lush tropical Central American beauty just warmed my heart and melted away something tired inside of me. What I’m left with after that is my continual and ongoing fascination with African Violet folks, and an earache I just cannot get rid of from this horrible head cold I’ve contracted sometime in the last few days.

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