Naming a Garden


Naming cats is far easier for me than considering a name for my garden. I have a list of future cat names to use, even though I try not to think about this since it means the possible loss of my current feline friends and this is a hard pill for me to swallow. Naming a cat is like naming a character in a story, but how do you name a place? It is far more difficult.

In an earlier post, on another blog, I read that the most obvious and remediable difference between a large estate and a home garden is that the estate is given a name, while the home garden is not. Although there are other differences, this really is something that we can easily work to change. The title is not meant to be haughty, it is meant to show inspiration and direction. It is finally giving a name to something you love, and to a place that is not just on your list of Things to Do next weekend.

It is not that easy though. My garden has been a project for about five and a half years now and its name has escaped me. I know that I can name it based on all kinds of facts, and unique markers, but how do these sound:

Apartment Behind the House Acres
Burnside Traffic Winds
Black Cat Square
Unfinished Untitled Green Symphony
Living Willow Woods
and my personal favorite, My Labor-atroy

The one thing that comes up the most when I discuss this with garden folks is that I do have a collector’s garden, and that is the one thing that will never change. I imagine that will end up playing a role in the name, but I’m just not sure. When the name is made official, it will be posted here. expect that to come soon.

3 thoughts on “Naming a Garden

  1. You don't need to lose your current crop of cats, you just have to be quicker to name the new ones that show up out of nowhere and take residence in your back yard. 😛


  2. Sounds as if you could have a Black Cat Square and a Living Willow Woods in your garden. Naming your garden, shows affection, just as we would never call one of our cats Cat! Catherine of Aragon is called Aragon for short. (We name the bits of the garden too)


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