Garden Junk I Like


Garden junk is an ongoing interest of mine. There is much out there I cannot stomach, but then there is the stuff that I just love. These three pictures are of things that I get a kick out of, and that I like. I am not sure if I would call all of these my favorites, but they are great for their location and function out at Bosky Dell Natives in West Linn, OR. The nature theme—with deer, ducks, and other creatures running around their displays—is a great funky chic idea and it really adds some personality into what can be seen as a sometimes simply design palette. Keeping the theme coherent is the key, and to not overdo it. That’s why their additions of interesting art and other items sprinkled throughout their nursery are also welcome to the overall feeling. It’s a great nursery to visit for some atmosphere and for a few design ideas. Don’t forget they have a wide selection of great plants too.

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