NW Flower and Garden Show


My husband and I were more than happy to attend the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle this year. Somehow, this has accidentally become an annual vacation for us and as always, we were not disappointed by both the show, and by what Seattle had to offer us in terms of both delicious food and entertainment.

This year the display gardens interested me more than last year’s, but the display created by the Seattle Urban Farm Company entitled “Crops for Clunkers” was a huge hit with both old and young alike. I was a huge fan myself. Our other favorite was the gently retouched natural installation by Elandan Gardens, out of Bremerton. The Seattle area has always pushed that NW style element we somehow inherited from Japanese design of the natural being only lightly touched by the hand of man. It was so graceful and fun to see the woods in the exhibition hall with us.

Instead of just sticking with the show this year, or simply visiting just the public gardens, we expanded our horizons a bit again and went shopping on a sunny and crisp day. For some reason I was really interested in finding more houseplants and odd vintage garden items. We found plenty of both, as well as amazing Japanese food not far from our hotel in Old Town.

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