Collecting Seeds, Again


The annual process of seed collection never fails to interest me—even when I am more tired than ever. Each year brings a new lesson in plant develpment, and even after years of this, I just never seem to know enough about any of the plants. There is always something new to learn. And what, you might ask, are the lessons of this year? Here they are, some of them more profound than others:

1) There is a great deal of joy when you buy that one expensive plant, special and rare, and late in the season, it gives you viable seeds. My mother has been excited about a plant she purchased online, and when she saw the seeds pouring out of its dried seedheads, she looked like a little kid jumping for joy.

2) Seeds collected, for some, really are like currency. They can be traded for other seeds, and then more plants can appear. What fun is that during times like these? Super fun. I am able to find new items to grow, and I get to interact with others from my chair. Perfect!

3) Lastly, I learned this year, for the first time, how to collect berry seeds. I could have done so in years past, but it was too scary. I did it this season and am confident enough to do it again in the future!

(Didn’t make it to San Francisco yet. I was too ill to go anywhere and know now I could never have made it. Hope to do so in the coming months.)

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