Anybody buying plants on Craigslist?

Fuchsia boliviana.

The economy must be doing badly this summer. That’s obvious, right? Last year I was able to post all kinds of plants on CL but this summer nobody seems to have any extra cash. It is sad that others’ seed money is all tied up in fuel costs, but it seems that is the case right now. Tomorrow I intend to post something for sale since it has been at least a month or so since I last had an item up for grabs, but if I don’t sell something soon, I guess that I will simply have to pot them all up for next year and hope for the best. (Would love to sell my Bolivian fushias I’ve grown from seed but none of them has flowered just yet. They were started from seed in 2006, and still haven’t bloomed! I refuse to give up on them though. Wish me luck.) UPDATE: JUST SOLD 3 COMMON VALERIAN PLANTS. YA!

One thought on “Anybody buying plants on Craigslist?

  1. I’d never tried Craigslist for my surplus plants, but it sounds like it’s worth a try. Your post got me motivated to check out the local offerings under Farm/Garden, and it’s quite a list. Hopefully some fo the folks are moving some of what they have listed…


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