After falling down the stairs in some new Wellies, I chose to start growing seeds in the basement this week over other kinds of activities chosen by invalids in my state. Each year as I pull out my little envelopes there is a thrill that runs through me followed by shame since there are always other things I could be doing. What about the many plants I already have in the yard? What about the ones that still haven’t been planted, sold, or held for friends? I just cannot stop the compulsion to begin again, and the feeling that the sooner I empty out the seed coffers, the sooner I can try something new. This sounds crazy, yes, and I know that I am not the only addict, but how can you cure such an innocent problem? I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I show no other signs of obsessive behavior. I just cannot stop growing plants. This year, some of the seeds were even stolen from yards as I walked past! I just couldn’t resist the beauty of a seed pod dangling from a tree overhead. It felt like Christmas. But for now I must relent and resist this rant, my head is hurting and I have things to check on, like the seeds in the basement! (My little babies have already started to sprout.)

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